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WTFast’s router software enable gamers to use the same technology WTFast has built for its Desktop application - but now for any gaming console

Visit our library of supported consoles and games and check out Router Games by console

Don’t see your game?
If you want to play games that we don’t have currently in the library please let us know in our Discord server, Join us here -

See more info about this option here -

What do you need?

  1. WTFast’s enabled router (check out compatible brands in our website -

  2. WTFast account -

  3. Our Router Web App -

    1. This is the main User Interface for everyday usage

  4. - for onboarding & troubleshooting

What to do?

  1. Set up - Once you receive your WTFast enabled router - make sure to set it up so WTFast can work properly

    (WTFast do not provide general router & internet support, for any question please reach to the support resource of the router company or your ISP support)

  2. Open Account - If you already have a working WTFast enabled router & a WTFast account

  3. Start with authenticating your router with your account

  4. Once you have linked your router - start a gaming session and enjoy low ping & smooth connections.


WTFast will NOT work properly if you are running a VPN at the same time. If you have a VPN, please make sure it is closed while you are using WTFast